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Puzzle of Persistence (SOLVED)

So now that it has been just over a week since last week's, Puzzle of Persistence, I think it's time to finally reveal how to solve this puzzle and how it was made.

I first need to give a shout out to RedHood1013. He caught me on FB and presented his solution this morning. 100% Correct. Congratulations!

In order to show you how to solve this puzzle, I need to first give you the elements that created the puzzle in the first place.

Making Puzzle of Persistence The first element involved in this puzzle is actually a very simplistic cryptography method. It is a method of using names to stand in for numerical values. In this case, each name is actually a number. To derive the numbers, we are using a summed value of each letter's position in the English alphabet. Names are as follows:
Valyrie L. - 104 James C. - 51 Kevin A. - 62 Zander I. - 77 Martin G. - 82 Nadia J. - 39
Taking the values of the names, you now can determine which is smallest and which is largest. Simple.
What a…

Puzzle of Persistence (Answered?)

So last week I brought to you this little gem of a puzzle: Puzzle of Persistence.

With over 1500 unique viewers, a dozen questions (almost all requesting more clues), and then a big drop-off on Monday, I think most people got a bit intimidated by the puzzle.

Well, I'm here today to let you know the extra clue I gave out over social media as well as the answer. I am not going to tell you how to solve it (yet). That would take the fun out of it.

Extra Clues So first off, despite the fact that there are not actually any numbers in this puzzle, it is almost entirely MATH-based. Yes. No lies. To figure this puzzle out, you might need someone good with abstract math theories, someone that enjoys simple cryptography, and someone that can pick up on the most subtle of clues in a riddle. Though by subtle, I mean, I put the TWO (I know I said only one, but there were actually two) clues in the puzzle, right out in the open. I learned that the best way to hide something is just right out whe…

Puzzle of Persistence (RPG Logic Puzzle)

Need a new puzzle to drop into your next D&D, Pathfinder, or other RPG system session? Remember last year when I first released my Primary Wall of Force Puzzle and been dying for a new one?

Many D&D DMs and Pathfinder GMs, and players alike went berserk trying to solve the answer to my 'simple' puzzle last time. It was probably my most successful GM Tip to date.

Well, I know it has been forever and a half since my last posting. I felt it was time to start making new puzzles to drop into your RPGs. (Perhaps one a little more memorable).

Below you will find the puzzle. I will post the solution next week; however, if you need the answer so you can use this puzzle for your weekend game, then e-mail, tweet, or post on my facebook page.

The rules for this puzzle are simple. Follow the logic train. If you use this in a game, make sure you reserve the name spellings. That's your only hint!

Name Persistence Valyrie L. and James C. are of equal persistence, but Valyrie L. is…
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