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Paving the Road to Hell (Guest Post by Dustinopolis, High Level Games)

Paving the Road to Hell Are your players laughing too much? Do you wish that sometimes you could just get them to stop reveling over their latest exploits? We can fix that, but it will take a commitment from you to withhold your sympathies from those sycophantic rule-hawks for a bit. Pull up a chair, grab a drink and hold your digital screen just a little closer…we’re going into the mindset of a player…
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Players, like anyone else, are products of their environment. Where & how they grew up, what went on during their week before they arrived at gaming, ands personal peculiarities are all 100% out of your control (unless you can lock them up in a closet). I say this because you need to take the advice with the proverbial grain of salt; messing with players’ heads may have some unforeseen results. I will not be held responsible for bloody noses or bad tempers.
[The first rule of RPG Fight Club is…. We’re not LARPing! This is serious, mom!]
Think about your current gaming par…
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