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So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VII): Reskinning Monsters

Making Old Monsters New AgainYour players have successfully navigated the treacherous network of caverns in search of [insert name of Famous BBEG #37]. Kicking down the door, they think he is caught by surprise. His laughter echoes among the cavern walls. The ground ripples beneath their feet. The expanse between the party and BBEG #37 erupts in a shower of carrion, rocks, and debris. The master's pet has been summoned. The heroes look upon the new foe with... well... disappointment. The DM has once again tossed another Purple Worm/Pit Fiend/other monster the DM fancies just a little too much.

Complete let-down. Oh, but wait! This one has Resistance to ______. And a precast buff spell. Make that THREE spells!

Just no. Stop. No. You're done. Go home and think about what you have done. Then come back and we can fix this.

I'll wait. Don't worry.

Okay, are you ready? So making new monsters isn't your thing. Or maybe you just find it difficult. Don't worry, The DM Doct…
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