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Jumble Rumble (Full Game)

It has been about three weeks since the 200-word RPG challenge. There were many awesome entries! It was a fun design experiment as this was my first time entering.
I made a little change to my original entry. Added a creature type and expanded the description and rules. You can also still see my original entry
Jumble Rumble Two conjurers face-off in a deadly Summoner’s Duel. To win, summon jumbled creatures to dominate your opponent's creations. Feel free to add options, use dice with more sides for adding extra options, or add more players for a full-on Jumble Rumble!
Rules: Players roll a six-sided die for each aspect of their summoned creature. A player rolls for a base creature, followed by an environment and an element. Next, players compare monsters. Players determine points earned against the other monster based on the charts below. The player with the highest score after three summons wins.
Base Creature: 1- Dragon: +1 Demons and Celestials 2- Demon: +1 Celestials and H…

GM Tips: What's the Most Important Skill to Have?

When it comes to running a game, there are so many things to worry about (especially if it's your first game). "Have I prepared enough?" "Do I know the rules for this?" "Will the players need to be railroaded?" etc. And on top of that, you then have to worry about, whether you are any good, are you fun and energizing, are you creative enough.

No matter how you look at it, there are just too many things to worry about as a GM. You start looking at streamed games (especially those with celebrities) and you worry you are not skilled enough to do the game justice.

Let me tell you right now. You got this.

#AdventureStarter #1 Title Sneak Peek

Working on the cover and layout for the first #AdventureStarter. Thought I'd give my readers a sneak peak of the title cover. Patrons get news about a week earlier, so sign up and pledge on my Patreon.  And remember, all my solo projects are free so you will get most of my stuff for free just by following me there. 
Going to try to pull some small artwork together and add the legal/informative text soon. I hope you like the title and the gears in your head start turning at the possibilities.

Sharing Some Other Blogs

Something a little different today.
I’ve been looking into other blogs, podcasts, and videos to get ideas of what has been done and where to excel because no one is covering it. Along my travel, I decided that there were plenty of others out there that are small and unheard. I’d like to help get their voices heard, even if mine doesn’t reach that far. So please, go check these blogs out and show your support. Let’s encourage them to shine on!
Site: Twitter: @ArcanaKeep  First off, Arcana Keep is having a Dice Giveaway. If you haven’t signed up, go to their site NOW! Also, if you are interested in a little bit more on D&D Beyond and what others think, check out this post:
Site: Twitter: @LearningDnD  Great news and tips (including How to Build a D&D character in Under 10 minutes)! They also have an acceptable list of D&D Twitter accounts to follow. Though they did forget to…


So, going back to Patreon, but there are a couple things you guys should know.

First off, this does not mean I'm trying to take all your money. In fact, many times and probably for 100% of my projects for quite a long time (like a year or two), I won't be charging anything. All my solo work will continue to be free as long as I can manage it. That means all my solo projects will be free for all my Patrons. What this means is, even if you are pledging $5 per project, I'll only be doing a paid project when I hire on artists or other writers. Each project that I do on my own, patrons will get it for free (READ: you will not pay your pledge amount).

As of right now, I have no paid projects lined up. I am only doing the Patreon as a way to know when I'll be ready to release paid products. That will be when pledge money will actually be withdrawn.

So for now, consider the pledges that all Patrons make to be an, "I would pay for your work" and not a "So you wan…

Maran Amalgamator & First Adventure Starter Preview

Yes, I know. I can't draw. Or color. Consider this just a cheap representation of the idea. Full stats for the Maran Amalgamator will be available with the first Adventure Starter. Currently, I'm still deciding how I would like to release my Adventure Starter Series. Feel free to comment with your preferred method. Remember, if readers prefer free, there will be only rudimentary sketches such as this. I may work for free, but I do not expect artists to do the same for me. (Though, if anyone with like to send me artwork, I’ll gladly put it up with full credits and links ;) ;) *nudge *nudge).
Possible release platforms include (re)starting Patreon, Pay What you Wish, or Free. While a Kickstarter would be nice, this is a smaller project and will most likely only be released digitally. Thank you all for your support thus far (even if it is only casual reading).
Anyways, many of you have been voting on twitter for my new #AdventureStarter Series. The votes thus far have been for an a…
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