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Primary Wall of Force Puzzle: Simply Complicated or Complicatedly Simple RPG Puzzles (GM TIPS)

Sometimes games and sessions can become stale and monotonous. All the skill checks, hacking and slashing through enemies that don't measure up to min-maxed characters— you name it, sometimes you'll get bored with it.

So how can you create a challenge without creating an arms race? Today's GM Tip is all about showing you how you can make simple puzzles that seem challenging. Sometimes just by making a simple puzzle seem complicated, it can stump your players for a period of time. 
The best part, characters can still use their rolls to aid them, but there is no auto-success. What this means is that you aren't trying to blunt off the head of a nuke (somewhat pointless). 
Let's dive right into a quick puzzle and so you can get a better idea. Primary Wall of Force Puzzle
This puzzle works at any level. The puzzle itself is a made up of six different magic items (one for each color and symbol). Doesn't seem so scary? So what what are the rules to the puzzle.

Well, yo…

How to Make a Good Story (A Hero's Journey) - So You Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part VI)

The Art of Storytelling (The Hero’s Journey) (Post may contain affiliate links).

How do you make a good story for your adventure? Your campaign? Do you have great original ideas, but players get bored before they ever reach them?

Whether you are a novelist or just a guy wanting to make his own adventures for his group, you need to understand what makes a good story.

Gotcha covered. Today’s GM Tip is on storytelling (or more accurately: story-crafting). You can read Part V here.

The art of storytelling has gone on longer than recorded history. Before there was writing language, stories were told over and over again.

Think Beowulf.

Telling a good story is less amount showmanship and originality, and more about following different formulas.

Wait, what? Formulas >>> originality? That can’t be true.

Well, it is. Get over it.

I know that it seems a bit contrary, but stay with me. No matter how original your idea, no matter what “new spin” you think you can put on it, the story is…

Simple Ways to Introduce a New Character - So you Think You Can GM? (GM Tips Part V)

Simple Ways to Introduce New Characters
I know this is straying from where we left off on the "So You Think You Can GM?" series (long overdue update coming soon), but it is a fair GM tip nevertheless. Today's GM tip is all about how to introduce new characters to your games.

Recently, I have made my grand return to actual tabletop RPG sessions IRL (as opposed to play-by-posts only). It had been over a year and a half since I last made a session and closer to two and a half, maybe even three years since I attended regularly.

That's a long time.

My return was a bit... not so spectacular. (To avoid a long story, skip to "Getting to the point...")

I am not criticizing my friend for his GMing style, he is a good GM (normally). Perhaps explaining the situation might improve understanding.

My last session in the campaign was close to two years ago. The party had changed quite a bit. I arrived late (as I normally do...) ,and knew very well that there was going to …
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